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law of attraction mastermind by roda langrana
secret of law of attraction mastermind by roda langrana


All the things I saw in this world are but a mirror image of the thoughts held by me in my mind through the knowledge of my MasterMind. It allowed me to dream big . nothing was too difficult or impossible. Remember to keep on smiling and breathe deeply.  

As my mind is my spiritual infinite beam of light -  it is so only when I see myself as such .. then only will you see that image being mirrored back into your life. Accept the mirror as the magical image of your mind for it is trying to show you what you may expect when you stand in front of it.

Most of my really feel good moments have been when I have stood in front of my mirror and smiled at myself. This is the best way to communicate with the perfection of myself. Through this methodology there is no distraction just the direct communication.

I will give you an example how I kept opening knowledge and its capacity to work for my life .. through the beauty of creation using the mirror. There have been so many many other gifts but as they are too many to mention here for paucity of time. Secondly they are my personal requirements so they may not tie in with yours .. but the blueprint remains the same. 

To come back to what I want to share. One of my desires was a new house .. this is my second manifested house .... for me to create more space .... through CreateSpace the publishing arm of

So the song that came to me was the song as given below. It roughly translates to .... as I step out of my house ... I need to barely walk a few steps .. for the land to build my new house is right next door.  I see this land right from my mirror window as I brush my teeth every morning. The tapestry of my thoughts created my new house and through the windows of my mind .. my eyes .. it soon became a reality. 

ghar se nikalte hi / kuch dooor chalte hi / raaste mein hai mera ghar /
kal subah dekha to / baal banati thi / aaj khidki mein aayi nazar

Music and singing is a higher form of communication of my mind with goodness .. the real me communicating in sublime sounds that resonate in the air  .. a giving without struggle. Now don't get me wrong .. struggle too is a part of life and you may sometimes find yourself doing so. This is the yin / yang of thoughts. But slowly you begin to realize that creation is a beautiful process and it compels you to keep seeing it correctly. There is no force that I found making me do all I did as MasterMind ... excect my connection to goodness / positivity = perfection .. for it was the perfect choice. This is it ... this is it ... this is it.

Just remember that anything else will exact a price .. it will steal your time, your good moods, your energy aka your potential and you will have to accept that my truths carry bitter lessons. Nothing is ever free ... everything exacts a price. Let me showcase this truth through my own experience.  I wrote MasterMind .. but I paid with time .. in our world time is money.  So the years I spent understanding all the different layers of my infinite being without little or no remuneration was definitely not what I had expected. Being intrinsically good I found it very very difficult to be cruel ... even to things like bad thoughts .. but when I saw what they really really did to people .. it made me so angry .. that without a second glance I was ready to throw them into the burning fires of hell .. for they were perniciously bad. So that lesson was well learnt but it bears mentioning that I already held the belief that me being me I did never see any bad for it existed on another plane or another world separate from mine .. and that was that. Besides the not so bad thoughts can easily be flipped .. their energy freed once again .. as an alchemist I perfected this art so well I know that dross is just the flip side of gold. Its one thing to read something and another altogether to have it make sense in your mind. When you can see all of what I write in your own mind .. you will see it becoming a reality for you as it did for me.

This lesson too is beautifully conveyed by pitting you with the farmer ..when you want to grow anything .. you need the tools for growth .. for ideas it is the knowledge that allows you to see them blooming in the garden called your mind. The key word is growth. Likewise a farmer too must plant the right kind of seeds to grow a bumper harvest .. this is a logically proven formula .. I have something exciting to share with you.

Many ideas are planted by you in your mind .. you may keep watering and fertilizing them and even keep changing them from time to time. Just don't let anything bug you into thinking otherwise for it can stunt your success. Why and how this works too is easy to accept as a truth. When I know that God is mind I will allow myself to keep accepting things in my now. Think a thought and receive its gifts - but the journey  with negativity  .. the yang part of life may try to throw some direct punches at you. Just be aware of their existence and allow yourself to move away .. back to the truths of  yin - for truths carry fruits / gifts -more than you may dream possible.. sans limits.

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