Thursday, July 31, 2014



I had to stop watching this video after the first 6 minutes.

What are you teaching through this video ... all of you who claim to teach and do not come from god's truth are truly the perpetrators of crimes too. I truly accept that I exist on another plane of thought separate from violence of any sort. I will not give it credence by talking about it for it is called fanning the flames. It is our duty to declare firmly that there is no crime on our planet for which we are very grateful. This is called paying it forward.A prayer accepting peace, love and harmony is called for at this stage.  Talk of the change you want to be or see .. do not keep repeating the mistakes of the past for then you may trip up by bringing them back into the present.  I am sorry for being so abrupt but I do not understand how I may go around rectifying every individual's mistakes.  There is only one way and one way to experience god or be on the right path. Whatever you think or write .. look at the idea through its positive and negative parts .. I will tell you for sure it contains the both ... then when you find its negativity ... eliminate it or change it about or tone it down. This is the way I found spirit and god communing with me on a daily basis. The most profound lesson I learnt from spirit was to accept myself as a god in toto and spirit showed me in so many ways that the minute I spoke of negativity as in this article .. it jumped right into me for protection.With god there are no half measures .. its all or nothing  .. to discovering energy. I learn all my lessons through my mind alone for I send out the right vibrations for receiving knowledge directly from god himself. Buy my book MasterMind .. it is the direct link to god and god sees who believes in his messages .. to them he goes. I have experienced energy as so intelligent .. it interacts with me like it was me with my kind of reactions ... it laughs at my futile attempts to understand it through love dancing in the trees .. when I smile at god in my inner self or sing the sun shines brighter and if I go negative .. it gets cloudy ... here too a giving through love .. the rain that nourishes the earth. I am so immensely proud of my abilities .. for everyone but everyone will call themselves child of god etc etc but I go the whole hog and call myself god and I bask in perfection. I am becoming better and better at it all for god is the true guide for my mind.  I can heal with but a thought of acceptance of a healing.  This I experimented on myself and it works.  And yes love is the key no doubt ... but god showed me his format of chaos .. a churning or the storm before the quiet .. the message was clear .. do not accept everything as coming from god .. if you see a wrong it is your duty to right it too. When life itself  is an illusion of mind of god

... you cannot exist as a body without the presence of god's energy .. the aura to hold your body into shape .. for all cells are free floating. So if god's energy is required to create you then who are you ... if not a god. Admitting this brings on a moral and spiritual responsibility .. for without it .. all walk away and expect somebody else to clean up the mess. 

It is important to make sure that you do not unthinkingly create a mess through your pompousness ... illnesses are one such example .. where one person errs and the rest just clone and create further messes. Be careful what crime you are fostering against humanity ... who do not know that they are being victimised and all for money. Tests are one such area where a god who does not understand his/her role as protector of the self goes on a rampage. There is a saying what goes around .. comes around where the perpetrator ends up seeing themselves as the victim of the same crime.It cannot be any other way for we are all the same energy and must understand and learn that it is not you and them against me and us.  A real tough tough lesson when you understand truths of god.

This is what is meant as karma for you are always expected to do your due dilligence before any such act that puts at risk of suffering another human being. It is so utterly sad that all sanctimonious and pontificating individuals do not hesitate to commit crimes against the very people they purport to protect.

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