Friday, July 31, 2015

Spirit of God led me down the path of manifestation through MasterMind

Spirit of God led me down the path of manifestation through MasterMind
I have a truly open mind and when I came across the idea of goodness as a way of giving to the self the many things we need, want and desire I saw the possibilities existing in myself since childhood beginning to resurface. Why and how it took so long seems a mystery but the only explanation that is fitting is that having completed my familial responsibilities I went back in time to that time in space and reconnected to myself .. the mind of possibilities beginning to assert themselves for this avatar in this existence. Boredom is obnoxious to the soul .. so is backbreaking hard work. Luckily for us there is a happy middle path which is all that we really need.  Manifesting .. now let me explain this word ... its all the opportunities of the world that you want for yourself. Not lets say .. you saw a beautiful diamond necklace that you really really like but do not have all the money required to buy it.  If your desire is true ... then somehow you will find the money to buy it. If you ponder on it often .. the gap between the desire and the receiving is closed and it is yours. It may come in x number of ways so unless you are a grand thinker .. don't ponder on the way it can come .. for otherwise you may end up blocking your abundance and all that will happen is that the time taken will stretch to take in all those indecisive thoughts. I first manifested the house I live in and God showed me that the path is basically one straight line .. for that was my experience. It was just one random thought of appreciation .. me driving past the house I live in and admiring the boundary wall.  We were searching for a house and 11 months later .. I was led to this house to inspect it. Imagine my surprise and joy. This manifestation was just one desire uttered once. It stood in my life as a beacon to focus on. And yet I went awry ... when I manifested the second time around. My abundance through my book allowed me to experience the gamut of manifesting experiences ... so all of them being stored in my DNA as blueprints showed me that my greed for knowledge .. my desire to learn .. to be the best of the best ... the path shown to me through my mind .. made me vie with myself .. my own heart which wanted me to stop my work to experience joys and me telling it many times .. its ok .. I'll wait for success .. for I was truly having fun at times when I mastered things easily. That would work like an aphrodisiac and I would want more of the experiences that showed me I was creating through making the necessary adjustments from out of my mind. It is a power to be experienced for then and then alone will you see how God works through the messages that are sent out in the world through angels who step out of time to do the work. Time is a wondrous gift .. when spent in some modicum of ease of doing work that holds the potential of giving me so many gifts through it .. name, fame, glory, abundance, freedom from illnesses, where do I stop this list .. it goes on for me adding to my everydays an x number of powers through receiving. Sometimes I think to myself .. if I share this experience it sounds so much like boasting ... for that is its truth. Then I hold the ability to stand out of myself .. into a nothingness and speak of God. For nothing was never nothing .. it was always something ... the gap between desire and the gift being held in mind and heart.  By now we are all aware that the vast expanse of nothing that we see all around us is teeming with life energy ... our earth is being likened to a living organism and if you understand the story of a human as being just atoms and molecules surrounded in an egg shaped electromagnetic field of energy .. you will understand that our world is our God .. all stories held in nature and redefined through ourselves .. both working in tandem of creation.

I had often heard it said that God works through truths. It is simply because the one same idea must be understood by all in the world without being confusing to the billions reading them. I have understood and used the power to change my reality 

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