Saturday, August 20, 2016


MY POEM ... MasterMind .. DID PAY                                                                
Don't bargain for a life in pennies...
For life can pay you ..  much,
You need never beg for riches
When you learn ... 
To count on .. MasterMind.

Rule your life in wisdom
You'll be .. the MasterMind.
Give yourself all you want
Journey .. with MasterMind.

You must make that choice ...
To never be .. empty handed.
For you must understand ..
Just a thought separates the two.

My mind put me at rest 
To complete the task at hand
I did rise in my ego ...
To become my bestest self.

For all minds need a push ..
The force that becomes your shove .. 
Out of your comfort zone ..
Try it out ... create new vibes !

That any money that was asked 
Life did gladly pay ..
Just don't forget to ask ..
Settle for more .. not less.

For source is just a repository
Gives more than you ask ...
When I was ready ..
Was when I finished the task.

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