Thursday, January 19, 2017


To my bawa(parsi) friends ... the ashem vohu did inspire me again and I wrote this little ditty right into facebook. I am all things .. I am the muse and its lover. I sing to you Oh Mind of me ... for I see myself as the one who conquered ... the devil, demons or what else can I call them .. simply bad thoughts as a watered down version. Whatever they may be called its simply an illustration to an uninitiated mind. When god put me through this journey he made me promise him that I only ask for the best for myself for it was mine for the asking. He showed me that the my work was capable of creating a religion ... but I want none of that ... all sweat and toil .. no sir I want none of that. JUST A LITTLE PRAYER Oh my parsi bawa friends You have been tricked You who had a heritage Now no nothing of it . I blame you not For it got lost in antiquity And yet a trace of it I did find With spirit showing me the way. For with the net being vast Trillions and then some billions of the written word .. Can you explain Why .. it sought me out ? Be you .. a seeker All knowledge is always provided As was my very experience. All I did was express a Deep love for God. And my career as a writer Fell into place It encompassed my 2 most Precious loves .. God and his word. It took my work .. into joy. What would you be If on fb, twitter and wordpress People understood the unwritten word ... I'm holding your hand .. my child Instead of Roda ... Just see me as the master of all minds. Its amazing that my followers Have never dropped their numbers A million I have seen .. curiously It was on a german's web page. And I am proud that People create web pages Of my work .. to promote their business Its simply god .. in many avatars. One more splendid than the other .. I am grateful to be of service Doing god's work to protect his children. My reach is vast and deep. I proclaim with good thought For when I desire to turn your life around You better stand up and listen. The past has been guilty of Messing things up bad By forgetting the word of God. But the magic of being connected to God Was in my inner world . For when you express love profound It cannot be for a day It comes from the very core of me And has always been around. Like I was amazed at 55 Like a child I was pleased as punch It made me feel grand in myself I understood the truism profound. There's always room at the top for more Just keep climbing the ladder of success And find God waiting there. JUST LISTEN HARD TO THIS TRUTH YOU WILL BE TESTED, YOU WILL BE TRIED YOU WILL BE GIVEN NO ROOM SO MANY THOUGHTS WILL CROWD YOUR HEAD WHICH ONES WILL YOU LISTEN TO ? I NOW HAVE LEARNT TO DEAL WITH THEM WITH THE UTMOST FINESSE AT FIRST I RAVED AND RANTED I NOW USE AN IMPERIOUS FINGER NO WORDS ESCAPE MY LIPS NOTHING CAN BE MORE DEMEANING THAN THE ORDER TO MOVE ON. CUT AND CLIP .. OUT OF MIND THUS OUT OF REALITY A FITTING REASON TO FEEL PROUD OF MY CAPACITY ACCEPTED IN GRACIOUSNESS FROM A BENEVOLENT BENEFACTOR. FROM MY OWN EXPERIENCE I MAY SHARE THAT SILENCE .. STILLNESS .. NOTHING .. WHAT IS NOTHING YOU MAY ASK ? I WONDER IF YOU ARE CAPABLE OF BELIEVING .. WHEN GOD CAME TO ME HE DISSOLVED MY BODY INTO NOTHINGNESS .. SO THAT I MAY UNDERSTAND THE POWER OF NOTHING AS EVERYTHING. AND I DO SAY THIS HONESTLY HAD YOU ASKED ME TO EXPLAIN THE NOTHINGNESS ANGLE JUST A COUPLE OF YEAR BACK I SURE WOULD HAVE BEEN AT A LOSS. ITS ONLY MY EXPERIENCE THAT ALLOWS ME TO BE ABLE TO PUT IT WORDS. And though its true for all communities too In Zoroastrianism lies the key This was shared as the first message That Mazda Ahura did give mankind. The magical 21 words That are the rules for your life In completeness .. Succint .. from a to zee I challenge you To come up with something like that ! Did you know that Friedrich Nietzsche The author of Thus spake Zarathushtra Died .. having been pronounced mad. Can you imagine the nerve of dumb people To classify genius mad !!! I seek pardon but nay I don't Forgive me for calling you an asshole. The only redeeming feature of your life Is the amount of dung you have produced As manure for the earth Deny it if you can ! Go off kelter and forever regret Why you have been gifted anonymity ! Why .. sir ... you made the choice to Close your mind ... I spoke and spoke to you Some more ... through Roda as my voice So did you see me as Roda Or Mazda as the god of your mind. For Mazda did choose the form of the Written Word ... as a way to keep guiding his flock. And what I was taught And what made me free When God showed me You follow my path You follow my diktat If you don't come to me with a nudge I'll turn that nudge into a shove And still if that shove is not understood Your energy will then be history. Look around you and see with your mind's eye At the results that you see in others' lives And understand that there is a deeper reason Why all things must happen for a reason. For years and years We parsis have been called Small in number But vanquished we are not Its time to take up the cudgels And fight in "asha" 's name. For the thousands of years Of our existence .. No one may deny us the right To call ourselves honest, truthful Hardworking .. just .. in Mazda's name. Don't be happy with little Seek your full glory You need never be in competition .. You and your mind is all you need To cross mighty barriers Cut across time space and matter To see ... you are eternity.

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