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Wikipedia defines the ego as under 

1. The self, especially as distinct from the world and other selves.

2. In psychoanalysis, the division of the psyche that is conscious, most               immediately controls thought and behavior, and is most in touch with external reality.

3.    a. An exaggerated sense of self-importance; conceit
       b. Appropriate pride in oneself; self-esteem.

Heterosuggestions are the suggestions you pick up when you listen to others ... i.e. anybody around you. These are classified as negative or positive .. negative is what is not relevant or good for your life.  Positives are what are good for your life. So observe the fact that everything is not all black nor is it all white ... you need to be sharp, alert and smart to sift and settle on the right answer. You need to understand soul talk.

Auto suggestions are those we give ourselves when we decide firmly with knowledge to back up our thinking with positive affirmations to exclude the negative from creeping back in for all thoughts are floating around in the nothingness of ether surrounding us. There are a lot of dumb people out in the world and woe be to you if you were to tune into their frequency of thoughts.  My MasterMind is what will open your mind to understanding the differences in suggestions. This form of mind stimulation is placed at the top of the list of success stories.

Most people have a herd mentality and this is especially true of the 
usage that is being made of Law of Attraction. Teachers who want to earn a quick buck will tell you to copy paste the way they "think"(But can you possibly get right the feelings and inner psyche of another person. The basic fabric of thinking of everybody is different for that is what gives you your individuality. If you are created as an individual do not make a clone out of yourself. 
But as I come from love .... I follow the No.2 philosophy as expressed above .... there is no force from my side to you but to read my MasterMind to teach yourself to manifest.  It has been said time and time again ... teach a man to fish and you have given him his pride in himself for his lifetime.  I am allowing you the same privilege I gave myself .. I taught myself all the skills I now own through MasterMind. Why because I have the biggest fattest ego one may ever own ... pride in myself to be the god for my life.  

It has allowed me to grow and grow till neither god the creator or the devil or good and bad spirits were able to control me in any way. I had no fear of anything or anybody. So let me explain why ... MasterMind was my labour of love ! The spirits tried to stop me but I walked myself out of their control of my money by carrying on creating .. carrying on my work for I truly love it and would not let anyone come in the way of it. 

Even my family gave up after they understood my work and the successes I had with it ... especially the way I healed myself and them without medicines .. lost oodles of weight even while eating fat rich food .. fried food ... plates of dessert on a regular basis and the icing on the cake ... losing weight on a consistent basis without any wrinkles etc etc. Now even they could not argue with what they saw with their very own eyes. My daughter stopped scolding me for eating so many desserts as she was wont to do earlier. From the day I created MasterMind ... I taught myself to walk out of any hurdle that life threw at me for I was so fixated on my success that I talked myself out of every problem I faced simply because of my ego. This was god's gift of success to me. Roda first and foremost test what you teach .. when it works on you ... not a soul will be able to argue with you ... your sales will be a cake walk. And though this was a promise unto me .. I loved like a god .. I never used any of the mind tactics I began to own for I perceived them to be mind warfare. To me if I was not authentically god in my behaviour .. none of this work was worth the trouble if I had to use mind coercion for momentary gains .... it was always more important for me to teach everybody to be as good as me. 

Earning money was of paramount importance for me at one level .. more as a culmination of my desire to excel at this work ... for I love the good life .. of living in large homes ... space as far as the eye can see and generally living the good life. But I never stooped to conquer ... I never took shortcuts for like a god I already had a good life ... a large home .. many cars .. a busy life but sort of an easy life. I am looked up to in my community .. especially by the next gen. I have the most amazing relationship with my family as do a lot of people I know.

I was this most amazing person when I began .... I saw no boundaries in my mind when I wanted to help all the suffering people of the world ... either from poverty or health issues or simply lead the most wonderful life with happy relationships. And helping a few was like unacceptable to me .... with one sweep of my hand I knocked down all the boundaries that we often place in ourselves ... boundaries of race and culture caste and creed and colour. Sure I too had them in tiny amounts but if like me ...  you are the kind of person who feels an umbrage when you see how it is only man who preys on man .. mostly through economic controls ... by keeping people poor, teaching them that suffering is good for the soul whereas the real name for god is ego. How are these two compatible ?  So I began the herculean task of teaching all the people of the world how to be free of all problems through their own minds and thus acquiring an ego that will allow you to perceive yourself as a god.

One very popular trend is to beat up the Government ... but the Government too is made up of people who may not be skilled in mind power .. so they too are trying to do the best they can and beating them up really serves no purpose ... for god so created the world that he made each one responsible for themselves. So the question comes lobbed back to you .... what are you planning to do about it. 

Spirits who want to control you will keep you tied to them through prayers  ... but understand this vital truth of your life  you are the actual god .. for god is consciousness ... living breathing consciousness for only we are empowered to do so. Spirits are the dead souls of the past ... so what does that show you .. they are the past ... but you are the present ... so what are you going to answer your soul at the end of your life ... that you were shown many opportunities including MasterMind but if you decide to be foolish and walk away from here .. there will be a price you will pay in your life ... a wasting of your precious time on this earth. For it is this present you should grab with eager hands and bring joy and the beauty of a wonderful journey lived through MasterMind as your guide. With the purchase of MasterMind you will enthrone god in your own mind and then going to a church or temple and being controlled by the thinking of others need never be an antagonistic event.

You will do everything you do with a free will with love.   

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