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Disemminating knowledge (spreading knowledge) Some truths that are hard to digest .... What are you ... a spark of divinity ?  
Then I am the way for I am the light. Let me break down the connection between the words light .. way .. sun ... life.
In our physical world we need the sun to change all matter .. photosynthesis of matter to food energy .. food energy is life .. even our base .. carbon needs a synthesis to becoming matter as in our bodies .. as if at all we are anything .. we are a bunch of chemicals in different parts  to the whole. And yet I have seen the world crib about pollutants in the atmosphere and yet they have not a clue that they too are created from such elements ... the smartest of the smart are dumb on these issues so what are you.  We are biggest users of oxygen and we are constantly giving out carbon dioxide whereas nature as in trees and plants use that carbon dioxide to put oxygen back into the world for us to survive as physical beings. If these cycles did not exist .. of a constant rejuvenation .. all that you take from the world as granted .. would not exist.  That you are life and need to understand and know just what it takes to rejuvenate life is the respect the creator expects from you .. are you worthy of being a soul or part of god which is one and the same thing or the dark mass that scientists allude to and which I have called quintessence and some even refer to as the matrix .. it is the locked up energy all around us and which cannot be released for recreation unless you raise your low standards of judging life as mortal or worse still ... A SPARK OF DIVINITY. Now that sounds awesome until you analyse the word spark ... it is a short fuse ... capable of being a flash of light.  A flash of light by its own admission is nothing that lasts forever. So you come here into this world .. a soul spark .. that by the time is finished with parents and friends and school .. no longer resembles the greatness in itself that it was born with ... as a creator .. no less ... for it is common knowledge that we are created in the image of the creator ... but if you do not have the time to analyse your own self worth and have whittled it down to zero ... for guess what .. you have demolished the ego ... you are a shy unassuming type of person .. you never demand your rights (as a true god it does not have to be demanded from others .. rather you demand it of yourself .. and the world acknowledges you AND THEN YOU TAKE THE BOW for everything around is graciousness). This I speak from my own experience and when I realised that in goodness my warrior status was compromised ... I stopped teaching anything I knew .. but carry on writing whatever I want as it is all base material for future books ... or knowledge that the future will want to dip into. As god does I allow you all to stumble along ... as best you may .. thinking you know all that you need to and when you fall .. as you will .. for that too is the format existing in the world .. well I know I began from a falling too.  I fell sick and felt wounded in my innermost heart and that is when I was awakened ... so fast did it all happen that one minute I was on your side of the fence .. just like you are now and then quickly I was pulled onto the other side of the fence ... when I slept on cloud 9 ... a soft landing. And because I am inherently the best person I know who truly feels for others ... I once again challenged God in my mind .. started fighting. I told God ... what is this stupid formula the world owns ... why is it not geared to positive outcomes right from the start. I don't like it one bit for my life and wham I was asked to do the work of recreating knowledge ... going back in time when God controlled the world and man as spirit had not made the many changes that forces the  world to experience the chaos it is seeing at present.  Let me place it before you as it has happened ... God the creator is either yin and yang energy ... the most basic example male and female energy are both required to create life.  And yet man has forever tried to seize control of God by making its energy male.  By brute force anything can be achieved .. but it is an unwilling energy .. you cannot make it bend to you .. for energy is spirit and must and will be a separate entity. In fact what man has received by using brute force is but a bending ... forcing God to raise the vibrations of the female energy. This was a quiet reserve back up to any energy that became insubservient .. that is in direct confrontation with God's pure energy guidelines for us ... I am the light .. follow me and you will see a different world. As I am here .. I need not fight for anything I want .. it all flows to me effortlessly ... I am not bothered by z ... y .. or zee .. they add nothing to my arsenal of knowledge or wealth or health .. I am my own world and there is a vortex in me .. sometimes many ... which I forcibly shut down .. when I found it sucking out the knowledge I created .. for free. Don't .. its ok too ... but then you are out of my saving grace and face whatever challenges you wish to on your own. A case in point ... when I am one with God energy I can see even a small intrusion on my turf of spirit energy that is from your world and I give its marching orders for I belong to the world of God and I know the difference between the 2. 

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