Wednesday, February 11, 2015


MasterMind-secret of Law of Attraction shared a link.
2 minutes ago
MasterMind gave me you as my community.
Yo friends ... I/you have been patient
Those that did hear me speak
You'll stay .. till the last.
Hear me .. for your own cause
Be silent that you may hear.
Believe me for I chose ... honour
To hold a deep respect for honour
That you may believe
Censure is in wisdom
It awakens your senses.
That you may always be
The better judge.
If there be any among you
Any dear friend of wisdom ..
To you I say .....
That your love for wisdom ..
Is no greater or lesser .. than mine.
If then as friends you demand to know
Why wisdom was kept from you
Then this is my answer.
Wisdom was never kept from you
It has always been around,
Just scattered in many pieces,
Your life is thirsting to know
Your own individual higher self.
Not that the world loves wisdom less
Just what is wisdom is hard to guess,
So many sages have tried their best
To quantify ..
God .. the Creator.
But God as a creator
Was never hard to find ..
Search within ... God is there
Search without .. God is everywhere,
God can be quantified.
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