Tuesday, August 2, 2016


When you truly want to learn something important for you .. for example the message I put in this poem from out of my experiences with my mind and how to take the communication a notch higher every time you think in consciousness (awareness). 

This means that you need to make yourself aware of your own thoughts as you read or think something and soon you will begin to feel the difference.  This begins a new pattern of thoughts that tend to go sublime so easily .. they will show you through themselves that sine die .. you are on a journey to finding the perfection that exists in mind and how best we connect to all that is good in us. It is but a matter of time before this begins to reflect in your life as the outward manifestation of good thoughts .. for if you do not follow them up with good deeds .. the job is but half done. This then is the spiritual path .. it is tough at times but show me a life that is completely easy and I will show you where the lies exist in that theory.

The journey of us into goodness ... call it by any other name .. is just the one .. to finding the god within you and while you now know that .. when you finally understand .. you will find that you are basically the same person that you were when you began .. and yet you are not ... for on this journey .. time stood still ... you went within ... and came back to the start .. a full circle .. you now understand the bigger picture of yourself ... you existing in time and space and manipulating it to bring you all you want by creating a loop in which you put all your new thoughts for yourself .. your own personal well to drink from. No other person can own this well .. it belongs to the one only. During this time a serenity borne of peace is yours to enjoy which covers the larger problems of this world ... the illnesses that the world is plagued with. MasterMind will give you freedom from illnesses ... even ordinary colds and coughs or harder lessons of cancer / diabetes etc. You will understand how to heal yourself without medication or be or do anything you want without effort. 

 It will give you happiness and it will give you wealth .. but not for free ... everything must be a work in motion ... but nobody received success for free. The ordinary world that you live in can give you one success at a time after a lot of hard physical work .. but all that you want with MasterMind will come to you as ideas when you read the book again and again. Success with MasterMind can never be questioned ... it will always be a 100% promise.

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There are ideas inside my head
That I'll never need to express
They are at the very core of me.
They are about what defines me .. as myself.

I would try to stop them 
From becoming thoughts
When they began to flow ..
In repetetiveness I saw no gain ..
Just a waste of my time.

For I am ... a knowing 
And understanding of myself.
I understood this part of me
This quiet inner core
It asked nothing of me.
I thought of it as my own self.

For it allowed me .. 
To just be me.
It never argued and quarrelled.
It brought home to me
The vastness of my self.

It is me for there's no other
Holy was how I felt
When I was with me 
And with none other.
And now let me address .. the sounds.

There was a noise inside of me,
And it talked all day long,
A repeat and repeat of old thoughts,
I knew that this was wrong ...
For I enjoyed my silence.

I guess it must have some name
But I liked it not,
It felt so alien ... 
The dog across the road would bark 
The dog at the back would bark.

It felt never a part of me at all.
For when I focussed on its sound
They always came from outside me
It was no teacher, friend nor foe,
It treated me with scant respect.

The crow would scold me,
To stop being in that company
And I learnt to send it away
When I understood myself as god.
This power in which I remain ...
Is a silence born of peace.

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