Monday, August 1, 2016

WISDOM ... MasterMind

I am being bothered by spirits sounds .. 
so I guess I must at the time of writing been in a bad mood .. I do apologise for I am not normally rude. I now know many truths of our world which I want to share with the world especially how illnesses come out in our world and that wisdom is not a pretty one. Not everything about life is rosy ... for roses come with their attendant thorns too and those thorns are to protect only one thing .. the rose. The creator did not consider another. By the way my name in greek means a rose. But I do understand you too .. for as an author who has much to share with the world .. a less inclusive attitude would not suit me at all. But a complete story told in its many layers will give a better understanding of why I did say what I did. I am never foolish just too on the ball for I own a razor sharp mind. I am talking of my desire to think for myself through the wisdom of truths rather than be taken in by what others' say.Not that there is anything wrong with it per se ... I just do not identify with it. For it is their story and need never be mine if I do not like it for myself. You see we create our lives with the thoughts we accept into our minds .. so I am always careful as to which ones I am willing to accept. I cannot change the world .. how I wish t could .. it would have been just so awesome .. to wipe away the tears for all .. but I have seen many die young .. even when I know the answers to why humanity can live for hundreds of years .. as Noah did and I deduced from my own mind just why such truths are possible by linking 2 truths and coming up with answers. So I guess I am more inclusive than you gave me credit for .. its just that I have moved on beyond all this and simply work with wisdom of God as my strength to bring the world back to a certain order. I have about 4 books ready for printing 2 of which are beautiful poetry but just do not care enough to bother publishing them when my book MasterMind is yet to gather momentum in the world. It is a miracle I had promised myself to bless the world with. And it is a promise I intend to keep. I have not been blessed .. I chose to bless myself and worked hard to that end. So I am not full of grattitude to anything but to my own self .. for linking to the holy mind of God and receiving all its truths in wisdom which knock out the duality presently existing in the world. What I saw shocked me to my very core ... there is the wisdom of God and there is the knowledge reposed in many books coming out of the past and the two are in absolute opposition to each other. In thought and form they differ and I was shaken to my very core as to the injustice being done to the entire human race. Not just one person .. but all. It must bother me surely as it might bother you too.

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