Friday, July 29, 2016


Particle or many particles together ..... you

The field also called the Matrix is what controls the particle.
The field is the electro-magnetic field of energy surrounding
your cells giving you your shape. Without this field your cells 
would float away into the nothingness. Ever heard the phrase
that God is nothing .. that is the truest thing you heard ... for 
it is everything.  

Everything that exists in our world is in some form of chemical or metal
and that is God's energy and so this should tell you that there is nothing
to fear for it was all created for being of use to God. No insect or a single cell creature can carry a harm within it unless your mind adds that quality to the existing creature. This God showed me directly through experiences in my body for when I changed my vibration to being at one with all energy .. even a mosquito never bites me even though it may be all around me keeping me company. If I received bites from insects in the learning process .. I would wish them away and they were gone. It was the way for God to show me that I never needed to fear anything and I did not.

The power of the microwave is the most important story I wish to share too. I communicate with the world and send messages through waves from my mind. When they are positive they flow from out of me in an undulating pattern of their own accord. If I am receiving a negative suggestion .. I use the signature of God .. the golden spiral to send its energy into the ground so that it is removed. The microwave uses the power of electromagnetism .. the very energy that creates you from moment to moment through the hologram of your egg shaped aura. That is why all life is considered an illusion from out of the mind of God. If you exist it is a benevolence of the mind of the creator God .. use your time wisely to learn and understand yourself as the One who controls all energy.  This is a truth but its wisdom will open up to you only when in mind you see benevolence as existing all around you. You are judged in every moment by and from the Mind as to your readiness to accept this wisdom. It is the only existence worthy of your time. To those who have not understood the power of the self as a God .. let me share what is happening in my reality .. right now as I write .. my whole body from head to foot revolved at great speed and then stopped. 

To have experienced this .. no words match the experience. I share this for blessing you with similar experiences for this how we share ideas worth sharing. We must turn them into blessings for others so that wisdom of God is always kept alive in the world.  Many things at first seemed like magic to me for there was me thinking the thought and it was all happening around me.

The healer in me .. yes I do heal and you can too .. its nothing complicated ... everything is simplicity at its bestest.

All energy created in our world is blessed by God the creator to only give you (God) its best in this existence.  Never in your weakest moment also begin to find fault with any other life form .. whatever it be. This is seriously the only reason that that energy will bite you.  An illness .. any one .. take your pick ..  will be given to you for this simple reason only. It is a lesson worth learning for that is the only reason for its existence. To teach you a lesson by giving you a suffering. All suffering is a wake up call .... the God within asking you to connect back to source for freedom and also to bolster you with a gift of other powers. This is how I saw it work with me. 
Cancers are prevalent all over the world and spirit has been telling me to share the answer that opened up in my mind recently.  While  watching the video of a scientist recently on single cells and immortality .. it suddenly hit me that by going back in time to when God created the world in perfection of the single cell .. and eliminating all that came in between till now .. we could eliminate cancers from all life. !! Can the answer to cancer be as simple as that .. well it is. How are cancers formed in any case ... cell division and its subsequent mutation through bad thoughts are the simple reason.  Complicate life in any way and it comes to punish the Mind that begins to own such thoughts. 

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