Saturday, August 8, 2015


How does God share knowledge of its own brand of wisdom ?
It is diametrically opposite to knowledge of god as a human .. thereby once and for all drawing a clear line between it and all humans. Ever since I began .. I held a deep urge to understand the powerful people of our world .. the ones who left a mark in our world through their ability to effortlessly latch on to wisdom of God .. for somewhere deep down I heard the call all my life. I guess we all do ... but what separates energy .. is the amount of time you devote to it. I was never drawn to Jesus Christ except in a distant kind of way ... for what puzzled me was the insensitive way he was portrayed in religion ... CHRIST DIED FOR OUR SINS ACCORDING TO THE SCRIPTURES. Notice the methodology of expression "according" is the word used .. not a clear expression allowing you to question why he was treated so through history.There is a hidden truth here which would take a lot of explaining and unless it is of any interest to you ... would not concern you much . In truth it was their individual journey but that they took it a notch higher bears testimony to the fact of it being a doable activity. What activity .. finding the God within is the simple answer.
So what do you think is the real lesson he left you as a son of God ... that death must come to humans and that the spirit then takes a human form after 3 days in a new body. Many religions including Zoroastrianism say that the soul is reborn on the 4th day. Since Christianity came after Zoroastrianism and historians are quite clear in their opinion that it copied a lot from Zoroastrianism ... I was lucky to be born a Zoroastrianism for I had access to the source of all religions .. I began at the beginning. The crucible of the world holds the most powerful truths. While it is fun to learn to better the self ... never be in conflict with another over their views ... it is not about you and me .. so why the conflict.
It is simply about an individual's desire to connect with the maker .. it will go on for eternity.

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