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After I had taught myself how to connect to the God within .. I understood the true power of this statement below. Thankfully there are truths too in the universe and one such is of our God .. the creator .. whose benevolence I experienced first hand ...but only when I had learnt the lesson of the beating of stupid thoughts out of mind. For I experienced both joys and small punishments too .. which forced me to learn to push them aside through the sheer power of my mind to beat them into nothingness. I would have toothaches which I learnt to remove from me in a minute. A different tooth every time till I became defiant and would claim thank you for the healing. Forcing that energy to change its tracks and give me what I consciously asked of it. Can you imagine waking up to find some part of my gums swollen and when I just brushed them aside with a sweep of my hands .. they had to leave me alone in my perfection.
And I learnt to change every reality I did not like through my own power. Traffic jams have become common in our city too but instead of railing at them as everybody does ... I learnt to push them out of my way wherever I went by ... get this message right and you will want to buy my MasterMind ... just swishing my right hand in the air. Time stands still if I am late for anything .. I just speak to the person in my mind and they oblige with my requests.
Want that for yourself .... its called simplifying life ... which is difficult anyway and then not to have the answers when they are already at the tips of your own fingers is often referred to as foolhardiness. Be the grand dame/sir you are meant to be .. we all have that in our genes anyway .. its just a matter of bringing it to the forefront of your own mind. Who really cares what kind of a life you live or what are your concerns ... not another outside of your own self .. for we are all created self sufficient.
I have observed street urchins being born on pavements in Calcutta where I lived earlier and surviving cold winters barebodied and sleeping on cold pavements. Their parents too busy begging to give them much attention and yet they survived it all. Their only loss I guess was their innocence and lack of love. But their sheer ignorance of a better life protected them up to a point till the carelessness of youth was cast aside and the difference in stature was seen by them through their own eyes. Then the mind can no longer take it ... this inequality that comes from a lack of knowledge .. often ending up as punishments in the body.
All of science is guilty of this one fact alone of punishing the world ... their claim that God does not exist ... not only punishing them by putting wisdom out side of their own pair of hands. God has always made one person an example to see punishments also. So who comes to your mind .. Stephen Hawkins ... does he not cut a sorry sight ... a physicist who is not in control of his own physicality .. his mind controlled forever .. such a sad commentary of a brilliant mind .. the God in his mind controlling him as a rider on a horse. Pull in the reins and even a mighty horse is stopped short. So as I said in my poem on creation .. my new book soon to be published titled MasterMind in Verse ... "don't make me give you what I don't want ... but give you I must what you ask of me as my own. That is the only way a lesson is learnt through being one example for billions to see. That most of the world is in sympathy with him is a biggerr loss .. for there is a total lack of empathy ... to be able to help him rather than feel sorry.
Life is a gift that will exist for there to be a continuance of life .. but its quality .. aaha .. that rests squarely within your own hands. All poverty is a mindset and those that rail at that inequality .. learn to better their circumstances through their sheer desire that will not brook nor tolerate their own or another's suffering. This is an inbuilt trait as all other traits .. so your only job in this world is to link to those traits that define you as the outside reflection of your inner core being. When you see it showing up in your life .. then you have understood your role as a creator of God in our world ... fighting to set right wrongs for they sting your mind like a bee and will not allow you to rest. Then you are fulfilling your destiny ... a pair of hands and legs busy at play .. the world your oyster for you to bask in like a glowing pearl.
The verse that is a byeline for my book MasterMind in Verse goes like this ...
More powerful am I at my play
Creating new worlds through all I say
Carpe Deim .. I seized my day
In eternity I am .. and there I'll stay.

Fame is my calling card ... I suffer no fools gladly .. for those that will say .. wow just hear her ... she isn't even a little bit modest. To you I say ... nobody even bothers to listen to a voice of reason when it is shared in humility. Gives freely of its knowledge which is lapped up just because it is free. But buying my book is a commitment ... not to me .. now isn't this model amazing. Your own goodness is at present squarely out of your reach and in MasterMind. For me to create MasterMind I researched more than 5 books on the subject .. questioning all I read and not accepting anything just because it was written. It was then 2 years that my mind prompted me to write my own book to rectify all that I saw as wrong for there was always an ongoing prayer on my lips.. Mazda let me be an instrument of your peace ... for I felt cheated that one needed to read so many books before understanding our true natures. Even then I was still not ready to understand myself. After studying my own book's knowledge for a whole year and more .. I found myself truly understanding the power of God as existing within me .... but all aspects like the good / the bad and the ugly. It took me another 2 years to perfect my capacities to be able to teach them through an expression as a lesson. When you can teach something to another .. only then are you a true master of your own destiny .. to create in another as effortlessly as I created for myself. God the creator in motion. There are so many millions walking this path ... each a God teaching a lesson through itself .. but the defining question would be .. do you know the truths of God that are hidden from most of the world .. do they come to you in effortlessness directly into your own mind. When they do .. you will experience the true awakening that many enlightened people have done throughout history .. and as I explain it in my poem .. opening up another piece of the puzzle that is life.
A walk with the devil of ignorance that claims to know everything but really does not .. was my worst lesson ever. At every turn that spirit tried to punish me for every wrong thought planted in me when I was relaxed. That we are spiritual beings can never be a doubt for me .. not because I am a believer of imaginary stuff. I am too and I am not too which simply means that because I was firm in seeking all experiences of the creator to teaching myself to follow .. I had to go through this too .. till I learnt to zap that energy ... putting it into a witch and throwing her off a cliff ... turning it into a rat and me the cat eating it up. I created my own energy flows which were far superior to the cobra that I used as my hood for protection from bad thoughts. This was the end for this was my energy free to move at such lightening speeds I felt it flow out of me to ... simply push that nasty thought behind me .. into the past .. and me continuing on. One night I was woken up and simply told ... you are now part of the hood. I hate being disturbed from my sleep so I simply went back to bed .. but now that I think of it .. a guess brotherhood of man is one explanation. Being a protective energy is another .. for lately I have found myself wanting to change ill expressed words and leaving behind blessings instead .. mitigating its wrong usage for our world.

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