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hear the words .. they are a powerful guide for all lives.

I see energy vibrate ... when I am sitting in the garden I see energy vibrate just above ground level. Its not a picture as elsewhere but waves moving...I guess it is through my my 3rd eye that I see this.Did not pay much attention to it for it seemed so natural to me being aware of this aspect of me at some level. It is my connection to my divinity which I have been experiencing for the last few years. I have been at pains to explain that we are all children of god and must activate this for your life as well. MasterMind is the book I have created to share this with the world .. for what happened to me .. must happen to you through MasterMind. The first lesson that my mind answered to me when I in all innocence asked myself this question. If Zarathushtra was a man then I too being of this earth can be like him. And my mind answered that yes this was the reason we came into this world .. to understand and sharpen our skills as a creative spirit. In fact I saw both worlds .. the spiritual as well as mine and I am clear which I liked better. All answers to free myself of punishments were provided to me but being inexperienced I was often led astray by the different aspects of love even though I had thought that love was just one. It isn't is what I will warn you off. If you cannot create a thought or a word to escape from what you perceive as a problem .. it might just trouble you. I guess Jesus never figured out this answer as son of god and so paid the price. I link to myself as the sole creator of my life so I have no rules that any other creator may try to impose on me. Its a tough love and very much how I see myself as a warrior rather than a yes woman. That itself amounts to nothing if on the other hand you are not connected to divinity or its unmaninfested truths. As no one can claim to know me better than myself ... I now understand That I AM one of the masters of the world as it is pretty evident to me from what is shown to me through the words of past masters. I see them but know that I tread not their path .. buddha / tao / krishna / zarathushtra / jesus came to show us the way through their lives .. this was the only lesson I learnt though experiencing them. They lived their lives as individual masters and they shared an aspect of the divinity that shines as a light through them. I have seen all the signs and I have recorded all my experiences too .. to keep as records for you to follow as a mere guidance. Don't copy me ever .. for every creation is the ultimate end of many thoughts that bring me where I want to be. Copy the system .. allow words to create the unmanifested in you. Its light will show the way for your life. Only words were the trigger for my experiences. I own many answers for the world which amount to miracles .. yet so simple that I sometimes wonder why people do not see them with the same wonder that I do. That I am a creator through my words is evident to me. I own the answer for ilnesses / where god is actually found on the body / that the particle is the sole governing agency of the unified field of consciousness. The theory as propounded by Einstein is the absolute opposite in nature to mine. It is easily explained when you understand that all energy is governed by intelligence ... not the intelligence of the world ... but the intelligence of the creator mind capable of making changes to suit itself. Intelligence is stored in the tiniest particle .. to put it simply the tiny black dot in the atom called the nucleus. Teaching myself a little bit of physics helped me open up more knowledge for myself. Lifelong learning is very very important to me to better the self.
and like this video says >> I paid a price in time when I tried to serve 2 masters .. god and man. In the company of wisdom I thrived and grew in peace and harmony even when I made man the ultimate beneficiary of my wisdom ... but spirit of man tried me again and again and used my body as a host and I had a tough time getting rid of them. One lesson I will leave with the world that will save you endless heartaches ... get out of all knowledge shared by man ... the end result is a killing of your body. Go into the wisdom of god to be free of the fear of death. I have experienced this through me existing as a vibration ... every thought creating me in a new body again and again .. for spirit is a vibration .. capable of endless changes .. capable of existing as a human or another creation by linking through a thought.
I did not need to study yoga ... I have had many of the experiences mentioned in this video but through words ... and as I have said ... ALL WAYS ARE MY WAYS.
I just see some commonalities through this video as well as hinduism too .. but not all .. for wisdom like our universe is forever seeking an expansion of itself and what pleased me most was that everything exists in a bottomless black hole and everytime I put my hand in I came up with something different to please myself. .... I watched only the first 10 minutes of the video for I saw it digress into nothingness of teaching.

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