Thursday, August 18, 2016

Story of the protagonist or the antagonist OR THE MASTER AND THE VICTIM

The protagonist AND the antagonist



Righ from a young age I loved music that told a story about life. Simon and Garfunckel were always my all time favourites along with Elvis and Cliff and oh so many more. That they will have a lasting influence on our lives is not a matter of cenjecture ... for we hold the potential to BE-COME what we focus our attention on and it thus remains in your life.

In spirituality the child will try your patience endlessly ... she is the bitch / bastard child born with bad karma ... the mind so affected from its last life trauma that it takes birth to take its revenge. Hopefully this is just an illusion of the mind but I have read so many stories to the contrary to know its truth. Ever heard the phrase ... revenge is sweet / revenge is mine. And you have put negativity back into a system of created destruction. In fact the duality every religion proposes as a way of life ... the good / the bad / the ugly is ofcourse the reason for all your problems. You don't say .. the good and the not so good or the experience required to judge better. You mind is either the fodder or food or the one that gets eaten up .... choose wisely then my friend ...

I chose to be a sparrow than a snail
When I knew I could
I surely would .. choose ..
Choose to be the hammer and not the nail.

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