Tuesday, May 10, 2016


I bought the book because it was on sale. Buy 2 get one free. So those who are suckers for the free word succumb. I had no idea that it fictionalised the truths and wisdom of the ages in such a manner as to make it ... frightening to people who read about it. For the keepers of the faith ... the true believers of morality end up bearing gruesome tortures coming down from medieval times.
The shaming of the past ... with no desire to improve the present !! What a story .... a cunningness to hurt the human psyche of man into eternity ... no letting go. And for what ... monetory gain. That is the only gain I could see through the whole facade or words that tries to build a case for truth and goodness without a clear cut agenda to actually desire such results. There are gruesome killings ... were I to ask you this question ... just what does a human learn from a detailed explanation of gruesomeness ? My mind boggles at the very idea of thinking on the subject. Is it because I am a woman. There is no one explanation .. but this one should come close. 
In a dual world ... my take would be familiarity breeds contempt ... for I could never ever make my peace with it and prefer to remain the oddball ... at odds with a world comfortable in watching violence on the big screens. To my mind I would never want to imagine myself as macho enough ... even when I see myself as a tough as nails woman. To know the difference between the 2 is to truly understand truths. To bristle at one set of results and be tolerant of another is to understand ...the rubbish that passes for entertainment. Ask a soldier or a butcher ... what it means to sever a leg or a hand ... and they will shrug ... immunised by a repetitive action. My only question would be ... the butcher may be forgiven .. he is in the food chain which is a service ... but I ask the soldier ... can I forgive you ... when you kill for money. Are there not better ways to earn money. What progress are we displaying ... science taking man ahead in leaps and bounds .. by creating machines to make life simpler and yet the mind of killers as primitive as ever. And of course my mind was able to zero in on the answer ... all bad is stored in words of the past and they keep resurfacing through writers who are nothing but the devil's advocate when they keep refreshing such bad thoughts.

So the circle is then complete ... on the one side is the circle holding goodness as its message .. the real capacity to link and bring into a shape or form .. a goodness for our lives and the other circle of an opposite duality .. forever kept separate and apart from the goodness of a mind by pushing punishments into the body. But the real irony .. the mind capable of only goodness then must understand that what its mind links to ... the opposite duality to goodness ... it is making a clear choice. For whatever gain is its choice that it must pay with,

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