Sunday, August 21, 2016

The Master's Call. Defining poverty.

The Master's Call

Defining poverty. ... and the ability to play it forward !

As a child I knew the story of the tailor who killed 7 flies in one blow and then stitched a belt saying 7 in one blow. He then started to travel and everywhere he went he somehow managed to trick others into believing in his powers. Did he really own such powers ... not really. Just knew how to create the right illusion through managing to make it look right. Right there is an example shared with a child of the awesomeness of believing in a certain kind of magic. It is protective in nature. The tailor's ability to boast became his protection even though BY LOOKING AT HIM .. everything pointed to the contrary.

In the world of us as Master (God) ... boasting OR TO EXPRESS IT BEST .. PRAISE .. is the tool one must use. How else does one put into one's own future that which is not owned today ... but the potential of it is visible to you. First you claim it even when it is not even known to you as to how it is going to happen. But the P A T H then opens up. Many of the wealthiest people of the world across all genres of life .. singers / celebrities / who did not own the wherewithal to being wealthy but were pushed from within when in their deepest part of themselves they secretly nurtured the ability to be something more that what their present circumstance allowed them to be.

For me it began in Calcutta where I lived. A good 17 years ago
I marketed encyclopedias cause my son wanted to own a set. I think the brand name was World Book and I began the work just to cover the cost of owning one. But selling is the oldest profession on record and it teaches a fine lesson on human spirit. You get to understand a person through its ability to spend money. How / where / why / when are soon mastered by what is called the closing technique to garnering a sale. The excuses people give sometimes give a good insight to their beliefs. Most of the time it is very very low .. if they feel they are being sold to. Now here is the defining logic that showed me how to rise above it all. And it is the age old poverty mindset of people.

All of us have at some time seen this in our lives ... maybe not as the world defines poverty as middleclass upbringings. A bitter truth we can't hide in a closet ... ??? or just the most amazing stepping stone to future success. Your attitude will define just how amazing your future can be. I for one own the amazing attitude of never having seen my glass as being half full ever ... and I mean ever. On one lunch party I was hosting in my small flat when I was planning on leaving Cal ... I remember the friends gathered there ask me .. so what is your plan for Bangalore. And not having left I naturally did not have a plan. But from deep within me a voice answered for me .. I am going to live in a big house there. Hello .. come again ... where did that come from ? Such a simple explanation

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