Monday, October 24, 2016



Success with money                                                                
Were my only draw.
My calling card ..
Made a rough plan ?
No not the foggiest one.

Began .. writing,
In right earnest
Points to cover ..
All came from my mind.
Scattered as clues
Found in many books .. of childhood.

A little hazy,
A little4 crazy,
How to begin,
What was wisdom 
To  tack on next ?
Wrote the first line
And all was fine.

Now my hands don't stop
With good thought flowed the words,
And good deeds from my fingers
That liked to work
As a way to pass the time.

With an ego as big as mine
My only promise 
To myself ..
Do my very best
For nothing else 
Could ever suffice.

Dug my heels in deep
My tenacity out at last
Its the way I am
Its all in me ..
I'm a tough bull
I was built to last.

Marked the spot
And started to walk,
Talked and talked ..
Shared my joys.
As an intelligent -
Wasted my time !!!

Repeating ?
Was that wise
To have believed fools
Became a loser.
I guessed right
Life is a mug's game.

In following a pattern,
In a circle .. 
Round and round
I went.  how many times ...
Had I bypassed the end
In my enthusiasm ?

The other aspect 
Of a circle .. is its depth.
Tripped and fell right in ..
An endless black hole !
Forced to pull 
Out of that dimension.

Work is no fun
Without tangible results.
All work and no play
Made me a bitchy gal
So yanked on the harness
To stop .. by adding the fullstop.

Now I liked me better
The dot in the centre
Me in all my glory
And the rest ..
Who cared .. no not me
Too busy loving the new me.

Looked around to see
Just where had I begun
At the end .. yes
The two are forever linked.
MasterMind was the goal
To finish was to first begin.

The truth
Too bitter for all to see
There must always be that end
Otherwise .. why begin ?
Even in goodness don't fall
By believing fools.

Went with my own thinking patterns !!
And bang ... I morphed
From a follower .. a tail ?
That I could never ever be,
Just a mind that mattered.

Pushed the past from out of me ??
What past .. I carried no baggage
Kicking and screaming
From within !!!!  Oh yes.
A bigger fool you never could be
If you believed in everything 

The workings of the mind
Sometimes seen in mischief
But what about perfection ?
Why is it not offered as a choice ?
Who dared to lock me out of my reality ?
Deep inside a ..  hole.

Time travel then walked in
Strutted itself for my approval
Want to come for a ride .. it asked ?
A big bang ... bang .. bang !!!
I soon found myself 
Where I had begun in time .. eternity.

A MasterMind I came to be
Did my best .. much more than the rest
A capacity to hang in there
And beat the living daylights
Of any opposition that came my way !!

A woman of substance
I always was
Saw that as my light
My capacity to give and give
Till it hurt .. had always defined me.

I never gave up a lucrative career to become a writer.
I merely exchanged boredom to see a more polished me

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