Thursday, July 28, 2016


FOREWORD .. or FORWARD ... THE FIRST WORDS IS THE ONLY WAY FORWARD ... all that came after is humans in trial and endeavour to rewrite things while trying to teach themselves SO THEY ARE THE STORIES WE MUST TAKE WITH A PINCH OF SALT .. WHICH SIMPLY MEANS .. DO NOT ACCEPT ALL KNOWLEDGE AS PURE WISDOM ... RETAIN AN ABILITY TO QUESTION AND ANALYSE FOR YOUR MIND IS YOUR GIFT TO IMPROVE YOUR OWN DATA BASE FOR YOUR LIFE ... ending the mess the world is in now. MasterMind is that guide which brings wisdom in its wake.

The way forward for all of life is to be able to reach the truths of God. This is not as easy as it sounds .. for Mazda .. wisdom shrouds itself in true enigmas and one has to have a lot of patience to find and uncover them. I found all truths in diametrically opposite stories but once I latched on to this truth EVERYTHING BECAME EASY FOR ME TO UNDERSTAND.
The route to all failure is REPLAYING THE devil thought (mistakes of the past) trying to control your mind. Your road map should stick to just one result … an inner awareness of yourself as the only conscious thought you want to create. I refer to it as my singularity … just the one thought in continuation as ME the CREATOR OF MY WORLD (LIFE) THROUGH THE POWERFUL WORDS I SHARE WITH YOU AS A LESSON.
There is a huge difference in the two words - Inspiration and Lesson. The first is ambivalent as to results … good/bad/indifferent could easily fall into that bracket. The word lesson is sine die focussed on teaching you through its own methodology/way. The first one is simply circuitous …. Lead kindly light .. lulling you into a false sense of goodness of reading words as the beginning of a journey. I often asked Thee .. whither goest Thou ? I am talking to the God within you. The true journey begins with taking the required action alongside so that you do not waste an inordinate amount of time. LIFE MUST BE LIVED TOO. This is when the true learning will begin. Even when I understood the difference right at the very beginning I suffered when I tried to superimpose this idea on to other minds and failed for the simple reason that I expected somebody else ( another spirit ) to do the work for me .. but it never did .. except by showing me the way God creates and following in those footsteps. But intelligence or wisdom kept growing in me for I was taking action and I shared every lesson I could through love .. a giving.
There were many takers of my idea .. for everybody loves a free gift and I found crowds following me easily.

My true fight was with spirit ... what I called in eventual anger .. the dirt beneath God's wings. I was forced to use anger as a means of asserting my authority over other thoughts .. the spirit of negativity ( in this case the lack of wisdom ) who think they are right - even when I can see they are wrong… to remaining my true self. How much they tried to frighten me ... with cancer and all other illnesses but I was not scared and mastered the art of zapping that energy. And every time I did that I would climb one level higher in mind power. Why was that necessary I ask … for whose joy I would ask in anger … for I felt helpless until I mastered more strongly my ability to beat back that spirit that was trying to hold me back. And the biggest insult .. they would pretend to be me or a part of me but I was having none of that bullshit story. The world has been fooled long enough ... but nobody had any answers until I came along and with just my will power decided to take on the whole spiritual establishment to make it accountable for the sins committed against the living. And spirit would have us believe that we were singularly responsible for the mess we found ourselves in. I would take that spirit and either pin its feet down into the ground or spin it into the air and send it flying. As below .. so above … I flipped that spirit on its back .. showed it its true self .. the tail. Most animals when they are on their backs cannot move. Take the example of a fox .. it may belong to the dog family but its true nature is its cunningness. Whereas the dog is loyalty .. the fox definitely is not .. to you .. but to its life .. totally true. So it did not teach me anything new. It was simply the rubbish of the past regurgitated ad nauseum without a care as to the results it tried to push into my body.
So let me share right here the story of the tail (animals) ... the tail always comes last .. it must follow .. for it cannot lead ... it has been placed behind even an animal. and it became the lesson I had to learn from my MasterMind.
This may possibly not make complete sense to you now but they soon will. It’s the fight of the head with the tail (the story of evolution) .. for there are so many wheels within wheels that lessons are generally understood through experiences. At the beginning is where it all starts .. be aware of your numerical age to give yourself more time to find the God within .. for alas I have seen the truth … not many are capable of understanding truths even when they stare them in the face. Most gods prefer to have devils around to do their dirty work … the world is built on such a master plan for all are controlled by the energy of a god which is money in our reality world. Your flight plan .. partner with a god (MasterMind) .. it is your true flight plan for success. Those who do not .. do not count .. they are the millions adding likes to somebody else’s truths. The irony … it is they who then control you .. the mind is a powerful tool and few in the world really know how to use it .. I did through MasterMind. Don’t use it correctly and the monkey has found a back to sit on and will fool around with you endlessly.                                                                               

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