Monday, February 27, 2017


ANDA KA FUNDA (THE FUNDAMENTALS OF THE EGG) The fundamentals of the egg Is that .. its a complete whole What is - Spirit/god/human/energy/creature/creation ? Its just a complete whole. Picture the egg Life exists within the fragile shell Male or female No one knows .. what's within Till its without (its shell?) See the greatness of the creator As a mind sublime Free of eternal strife That shaped all life Through the fundamentals of an egg. When similarities are seen In life .. The work of God is visible too Our aura is our coat of many colours It reflects our moments in technicolour .. Understand that .. if you will. The aura is protective of the life within The spiritual mind of God If you don't hurt it .. It becomes the body sublime. In perfection its ... incomparable. The funda (mentals) of the egg is explained in just this one sentence The word is mental Its the wisdom Impregnated in everything. So now you know God is everything The wisdom to know What's within .. you Seek and you will find it .. Its just ... the truth. What are you .. God or a nincompoop. The both in one .. are incompatible. God waters the earth now .. as I write this Its february .. not the season for rain And yet our energies mesh I water minds to do his work God watered my garden. To show me how things flower. From the world within Soon its seen in the world without One world is seen in God The other is seen through Its resultant creation. The formula is the same To be fair to all .. No one has an edge Me nor you .. no one cares To interfere with another. But you ... you had better care For when you learn not You'll have to relearn it again. I know that we are Enconsced within our aura It is like our egg shell For truly the aura is shaped Like an egg. I began my work In this miracle ... I thought God would find me But I found God In me as the miracle of life I am .. that it is ... I am connected to thought. And as I found me .. A conundrum .. so I dared .. I lacked all judgement I couldn't care less And so I didn't care less. When did you last Stop to wonder ? Stopped to think ? What did come first ? The chicken or the egg The egg or the chicken ? What did come first ? God or the universe ! The universe or God ! I took me without question I am .. that .. I am If there is no mystery to God You'd have long gone bored The reason God exists Is .. you know intelligence .. not. Knowledge brought in its wake A wisdom I had not known Back then .. as a part of me I first saw myself in my egg And wisdom lying all around me In the universe. My mind then did show me In my universe .. was that me ? It just seemed so familiar It was just so cozy I created from within I did not step out of my house. All that I am .. now I truly understand myself Appreciate myself I AM THAT WHICH ... IS SO THAT MAKES ME .. THAT WHICH WAS .. AND IT GOES WITHOUT SAYING THAT I AM .. THAT WILL BE. For all my potentials Are always with me No labels fit me At any given moment in time I create with thought .. When wisdom I own Then I have it all. Nothing I needed Just thoughts and words I created new perfect worlds And gave them all away. For they are truly.. all my own, They were all I owned. We come with nothing With nothing shall we go Our real treasures .. Are only in our wisdom Locked up in our words. Is that not What God is supposed to be Wisdom in knowledge Separated for eternity MasterMind shall outlast The hands of time. My ability to understand this truly Rested in my ability To retell it so beautifully For gods may come And gods may go But wisdom is forever. It is now over to you Buy the key .. it is MasterMind !

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