Tuesday, March 7, 2017

What’s best about me at my age ?

What is best about me at my age ?

This year I am all of 62
 But last year was I 61 ?
Can’t really tell .. feel the same way inside
Since I was 21.
Am I defined by my inside world ..
Or the one outside.
No .. oh no .. we all led secret lives earlier ..
Who was your last filmstar idol ..
Mine was Shashi Kapoor and Robert Redford
 But age mellows us ..
When we see they’ve aged !
Am I still the same inside ..can I flip for another filmstar ?
Haven’t found one as yet .. will keep you posted.

What is best about me at my age ? 
Having mastered the art of receiving compliments. 
Most people I have noticed … aren’t .. 
Comfortable enough to give or receive. 
What a beautiful sari you have on ! 
Get my point .. thank god I do not ever wear the stuff. 
Imagine being told my whole life that someone likes my clothes 
Better than me !! 

 What’s best about me at my age ? 
Owning the mindset to grow and feel younger. 
Where was I when I was younger 
Too busy playing mommy to hubby and babies 
So I am making up for it big time ..
Now  I wake up when I want to 
All days its not before 9. 
Guilt is what keeps us bound to our duties 
I just tore off that layer for me

What’s best about me at my age ? 
The fact that my kitchen is more often closed than open 
I lie in bed every morning for a good half hour 
And meticulously plan the day’s meals. 
And then I add my secret sauce 
I tell myself I cooked it in my head
Is that not enough .. why do I have to do it all over again in the kitchen ! 
Consider it a blessing to pay for my dinner
When I am helping so many earn a living by ordering my meals from Swiggy.com !!

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