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law of attraction mastermind by roda langrana
secret of law of attraction mastermind by roda langrana

A person is never so completely and utterly active as when God moves him/her by the grace of mystical prayer. In mystical prayer the soul experiences the life in grace and from grace….as a gift of divine love.

It is the experience of faith in its most exalted realisation.

This lesson is retold by me in an expansion

I have written an article titled "As a woman my very nature is to nurture" This is the mystical side of woman as God. This morning my gardener did not come and as I have a garden in the front of my house and on one side .. the other 2 sides simply have plants including a kitchen garden at the back. My gardener is setting up a biz for his son so his infrequent comings and goings was tearing me up a little bit. It is hot and the plants do need a watering to keep the flowers coming and keep the lawn looking fresh. I was angry with myself for not having learnt how to manifest my book success and at one level god did teach me that if there is anything you do not like .. don't sit quiet .. for to allow a wrong to carry on perpetrating itself was not kind to god at any level. More then needs to be done to set right wrongs. Yesterday in a huff I said to myself .. I know the qualities that god has .. do the work because you can't bear to see anything suffer including plants. So this morning I started watering the plants but my mood was different today. I started singing to myself my energy as a god and I watched the really tall tall trees pick up my love for them and they started dancing and swaying their branches. The whole garden took on a coolness . you could feel the cold of the night coming into the air from the ground and it was lovely to be out there. I soon forgot it was work and started singing to myself. 

mein aayi to hawaome ek nasha sa hai  (when I know myself the wind acknowledges it)

mein aayi to fidaayon ko pata toe hey (when I know myself you will come to me in faith)
yeh naam sub hamare  (all names are mine .... I am who I am)
aur kya aur kya aur kya !   (what else is there to us)
and I connected to my energy in the most magical way ... through an actual experience with god energy being everything .. it talking to me in my head.

This time the communication found the perfection of the moment ... my communication with god (unlike yesterday when I was behaving like a grumpy child) was in the most exalted manner ... me singing while working ... this is how mystical prayer may be explained. I do it till today.

By the way the gardener came and he finished the work. 

I repeat that when God gave me MasterMind ... this line ... I did God's work by writing this book .. but it was my hand that laboured on ... came to me one night at about 2 am and I was told not to change anything. This was the message that god wanted me to share with the world ... come to MasterMind .. you will find me easy to communicate with.

this is just the absolute tip of the iceberg. You cannot be yin all the time .. this is what god did teach me .. otherwise it would be difficult to interact with others to teach them ... for you cannot turn wrongs into rights without a teaching.  And it is the wrongs that need the teaching the most ... but with all the other finer emotions ..once the initial angst is released. This is the power of being and doing god's work. Roses have thorns but a careful gardener knows they are there to teach us a lesson. And the lesson I learnt  was when god showed me how my good angels nestle on my right shoulder and my naughty angels nestle on my left. I feel them come flying into my shoulder when I am angry .. for they are showing me that I am targetting everything that is outside of me and at this moment in time they'd rather be safe inside me.

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