Friday, December 18, 2015


the laws of god are so just .... it may appear that they are doing well ... whereas they are in fact being shown to the world as who they really are .... do you think anyone really cares for them ... no it is sad for they are pitied and reviled ... they play the part of the devil .... and they exist in many communities .... so showing up only one community as bad serves no purpose. It is a machiavellian mind at work ... building more enmity in the world through carefully chosen expressions and it is possible that only a few bad pennies are really culprits .. but here a whole community is being castigated. That is a wrong and an injustice.For every community has good and bad equally. If you label people bad you are doing wrong too equally. It is a fine balance that life needs ... to understanding the many layers to truth and untruths. Everything should be judged from a case to case basis .. that is truth. when I think of revenge ... I too am another aspect of wrong doing ... I leave the matter in God's hands for he opens up one chapter of any story at a time and time is the only one that knows the complete truth. Hate ... truth to tell .. really serves no purpose. I would on the other hand pray for the women to be safe from any harm. What is your choice in such a scenario .. do you wish to work like god .. then bless ... then there are no wrong doers for there are no victims for they have been taken out of the story. A story shows you 2 pictures the one we see and the one we want to see. When we change the story to what we want to see .. we have changed the story for the whole world. When you understand that all bad is created from a thought .. try to change the thought by bringing god into mind .. and you will understand that you have the power to change things for the better. God says you can be the harbinger of any change in the world and all of it is achieved through powerfully held good thoughts.And it is important to know this role in your life. In God's world the more bad you focus on .. you give it wings ... irony of life for people to not even understand their true power as co-creators of life in our world. God and devil are the 2 aspects of our mind ... the one you focus on is the one you feed and the one you feed then grows to be the current power and that power then creates or destroys at will. Spenta Mainyu and Anghre Mainyu are in the gathas ... read them on my site at are relevant for all for they are basically the truths that will protect you from being exposed from what you do not need. All the knowledge we need exists .. but when you don't go to it ... or seek it through a desire .. a desire must be to do good and watch how it turns your life around. That was what happened to me.

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